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LM Elegancia

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Los Caballos la Paso Fino, The Horse
with the Fine Walk
clear spacer The Paso Fino breed originated in Spain many centuries ago and was first introduced to the Western Hemisphere by Christopher Columbus' second voyage to the "new world". The Paso Fino breed is a blending of the Andalusian, the Barb, and the Spanish Jennet (from which the Paso Fino inherits its unique gait). After suffering some dilution of breed the Paso Fino was bred in relative seclusion in many South American countries and was reintroduced to North America shortly after World War II.

Appelwood Paso Finos The Paso Fino horse generally ranges in size from 13 to 15.2 hands and runs the color spectrum from chestnut, to gray, to black, to bay, to roan, to palomino, and pinto; with the various colorations occurring both with and without white markings. It is a spirited, but well mannered and gentle breed. The Paso Fino is a perfect pleasure horse and is greatly sought after for breeding and show purposes.

The Paso Fino is probably best know for its gait and the wonderful ride that it produces. The Paso gait is essentially a broken pace, a lateral, not diagonal gait. The sequence of the hooves are: right rear, right fore, left rear, left fore; the hind foot touching the ground a fraction of a second before the front foot. This pattern of movement serves to eliminate the jarring effect of a true pace and causes the rider practically no up and down movement.


LM Elegancia

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